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"How A Frustrated Farm Boy From Virginia Turned His Hatred For His Lack Of Athleticism Into 7 ACC High Jump Championship Gold Medals , A 50-Inch Vertical Leap, And A Powerade Commercial That Aired Live On ESPN..."

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Dear Dedicated Athlete,

I Have a Couple of Important Questions For You:

1. Does it boggle your mind how NO matter what kind of training you do, you aren’t jumping as high as the competition?

2. Does it bother you how your friends can jump higher than you and they have never trained whatsoever?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

On the very page you’re reading at this very moment, I’m going to unleash to you the one reason why every vertical jump program you have used in the past has not worked for you.

And then, I’m going to reveal to you:

  • The Most Valuable vertical jump training secret I could possible offer  to you that will have you floating above your competition  instead of feeling like your shoes are made of cement.
  • The secret way that Division 1, Professional, and Olympic level athletes are training  that has been kept under wraps for years, until now…
  • A complete blueprint that will literally take you by the hand and walk you through every single step of becoming a Freak Athlete, and improving your vertical leap over 8” in the shortest amount of time possible.



If this is the information you are looking to find out then continue reading as I am finally going to expose all of my vertical jump training secrets that I personally used to get a

  • 50” Vertical leap
  • 7 Atlantic Coast Conference  high jump championships
  • Win the 2009 Powerade Dunker Of The Year National Contest (and star in my own Powerade Commercial)

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick—if you’re simply looking for another “hyped up, easy”, quick fix, then I’d look elsewhere, because this isn’t it.

But, if you’re looking for a PROVEN Solution that guarantees amazing results, as long as you have the drive and determination to succeed, then you have landed on the right webpage as this is probably going to be the MOST Informative piece of Information you have ever read in regards to getting insane jumping ability in the shortest amount of time possible.

So Let’s Hop into it:

“Why Has Every Single Jump Program I Have Ever Tried End In Nothing But Wasted Time And ZERO Results?”

Ok, Here is the 100% No-Holds-Barred Truth to why jump programs, and the training you are currently doing yields NO Results, and wastes hours upon hours of time that you could be using progressing your game.

There is a big problem that you aren’t currently aware of that I am going to let you in on…

The Issue: Your Training Habits And Current Jump Program Are Outdated, and Proven TO Be Ineffective!

After a very careful review of about every jump program I could get my hands on within this market, I have found the training workouts to be either outdated, completely bogus, and some downright DANGEROUS!

As a professional trainer, this pissed me off BIG TIME!  As I witness countless kids falling into the web of lies from numerous internet marketers selling training program based on ZERO knowledge, and absolutely no experience!

After digging even deeper, you would NEVER guess what I found…

Not one of these so called “Vertical Jump Trainers” had any video footage of them even dunking a basketball, nor did I find any with Division 1 Athletic Experience!

Ok, I am Not a Rocket Scientist, whatsoever…

but last time I checked, who wants to put their life as an athlete, with goals and aspirations to dunk, or to play Division 1, or NBA basketball in the hands of someone who never did it themselves?

Your Coaches and Trainer’s today are using severely outdated training strategy and tactics, that in some cases are actually Detrimental to your success!  And Sadly, with vertical jump training being such a new “Type” of training, whenever one of these trainers try to come up with a new gimmick, or “hyped” idea… it ends in failure… or even worse, you getting injured.

So how do you fix this?

Well, we know the issue is old ineffective training programs and tactics that have you doing drills that can:

  • hibernate up to 15% of your explosive output every time you do them
  • train your muscles to work more like a marathon runner than an explosive, high flying athlete
  • cause your body to overtrain leading to complete athletic breakdown and deterioration

Not to mention waste the countless hours you could be doing effective training.

The key to “Effective Training” is learning from someone who has been “in the trenches” and learned from the type of trainers and coaches you need to be subjected to if you want to be an elite level athlete, and increase your vertical!

That is where I come in.  Like I previously mentioned, I was a 3x All American and National Champion high jumper in High School, a 7x ACC High Jump Champion in college, and an Olympic Qualifier after college!

Long story short, I was subjected to Olympic level coaches and trainers who taught me everything you could imagine on the proper way to train your vertical leap!




Makes sense right?

If you want to be an NCAA Division 1 Athlete, or NBA pro, shouldn’t you start training like one?  Of course you should, but the information of how to train like them has never been accessible to the public!

I mean, this is the information that professional trainers get paid a Ba-zillion Dollars for when they are training LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Right?

Well luckily I am awesome, and realized that there are athletes in this world who strive to be the best, but have no direction, and no structure in doing so!  So they fall prey to those internet marketer crappy program makers, and end up paying a ton of money for little results!

My amazing coaches at Clemson University taught me some incredible pieces of information that I was completely unaware of… and of course,

“the most valuable training guideline” that I promised to share with you:

Have you ever heard of Periodization?

“What in the world is Periodization?”

At least that is what I said when my coach told me that’s the type of training structure I would be following to increase my vertical dramatically!

And here is my version of his response:

“Periodization is breaking up your training program into different patterns, and groups that will not allow for your body to adapt to your training and have plateauing or degrading results!”

In other words, by planned leveling of strength and explosive training structures you continue to get results every single day!

The other great thing about Periodization:

  • You actually will train less than you would expect, and continue to get massive results
  • Your body will feel great, as you continue to “Shock” it into gaining explosiveness
  • You mentality will never get tired or bored of your workouts as they are constantly changing!

Pretty cool, right?  What is really cool, is this is how your favorite Professional and NCAA athletes are training to get their guaranteed results!

They aren’t doing those “Jump in place a thousand times… or put on these special bands, or shoes…” type workouts!  Think about it… if that stuff was effective, wouldn’t the top level athletes be using them?

They aren’t!  They are using Periodized Training!

Your Favorite Professional Athlete is using Periodized Training…Why Aren’t You?

So think about this for a second…

If you knew exactly how your favorite NCAA player, or NBA All-Star trained and you were given the exact same type of workout based on your current statistics… what would your results be like?

If you thought: “Amazingly Crazy Good”

You are correct!

Just imagine piling on inches to your vertical jump, while getting stronger and lightning quick at a wickedly alarming rate.  What you could do with an extra 8”, 10”, or even 12” inches on top of your current vertical leap.

How would it feel to use this brand new, and recently discovered training system to mesmerize your teammates and watch your coach’s jaw drop as you hammer down a dunk a rim rocking jam?!

If you thought: “Uhh, AWESOMEEE”

Ha, again… you are Correct!



The Answer To Your Problem: Become a Freak V2

Become a Freak V2 is the system I created after my years of failures, understanding, trial and error, and results.  Yes, it’s true. I too was your average athlete, well that’s not exactly true…

I was pathetic.  A weak, scrawny, cement footed, confidence lacking wannabe athlete.

I was picked on and made fun of through middle school and my first couple years of high school… to the point of borderline quitting sports altogether, but one day I snapped! After some major soul searching… I decided I had had enough, told every single person that doubted me:

…to just wait and see.

Training became my life at that point, and I developed into a walking training encyclopedia.  Every aspect of weight training, and development I learned and practiced.  I worked hard enough to earn a Division 1 scholarship and be a local high flying act on the basketball court, but as you know, my real learning had just begun!

Clemson University linked me to the best athletic training coaches you could ever imagine.  Developing me into a vertical jump enthusiast!

I fell in love with my vertical leap, and teaching others how to improve!

That’s when development of the Become a Freak Series began… where my goal  (much like when I shut up all my doubters by being my High School’s Only National Champion) was to shut up all of these other “Vertical Jump” trainers who were peddling crappy workouts, and poor information for athletes hard-earned money.

Using my recently discovered Periodized Training System from my coaches at Clemson, coupled with my extensive years of non-stop research, proven and tested drills, and the most effective information ever accumulated into one program, I knew I had created something that would revolutionize the way athletes train today!

And let’s just say… I haven’t been disappointed!

Become a Freak V2 has become the top jump program on the market for serious athletes who wish to obtain serious results!

How serious?

Take a look at what a couple Professional Athletes had to say about me and Become a Freak V2:

“Adam is definitely knowledgeable and inspiration to me, and I am behind him 100% His knowledge helped me win a NCAA National Championship”

Jacoby Ford, Oakland Raiders
“Adam Linkenauger is extremely knowledgeable in athletic training, as well as an incredible athlete himself. In fact, we often discuss training plans and tactics with each other as I am a professional High Jumper”
Jesse Williams, US Olympian

Or better yet!  How about some real Success Stories, from athletes just like you!  Notice these athletes are very vast is size, weight, age, and level of athleticism… but all have had tremendous results using the Become a Freak V2 System!

Like 16 year Shawn Gardner:



Here is an E-mail sent to me personally from Cesar Ortiz, below is the video of his cousin who used the Become a Freak V2 System and is now playing College basketball in the United States!





More Success Stories: (I literally have recieved HUNDREDS of E-mails, videos, facebook comments… the list goes on and on and on)

“After just four weeks of using the Become a Freak Version 2 Software, I went from grazing the rim to dunking in games!   In fact, after reading the “Jump Technique” module I threw down my first dunk ever just an hour later!  The Modules are incredible.  The workouts are awesome, and you can actually feel yourself morphing into a FREAK ATHLETE”
Cody Bailey, 17 years old

“I went from a 6′ high jumper to a 6’11″ high jumper in just 90 days by using the Become a Freak V2 System!  I earned a college scholarship to a Division 1 University and was ranked Top 5 in the United States in the High Jump my senior year of high school at Seneca High in Seneca, SC”
Marcus Goodine, Former scrub turned D-1 Athlete

“I’ll keep it short and sweet.  This program has changed my life.  I went from a slow nonathletic Asian kid to a college basketball player.  I don’t see why anyone would pass this system up… You offer all the answers, and the blueprint for succes..  Thanks for all your help, you truly are changing lives, and I thank you for it”
David Chen, 19

So What Do You Get In The Become a Freak V2 System?

(What Don’t Ya Get?)

Component 1: Why VertFreak101 Works
($19.95) – The 8 key reasons why the VertFreak System is going to sky rocket your vertical jump to new heights!  Leaving you looking down (as you dunk) on your competition!

Component 2: Mentality 101
($29.95) Are you ready to have the mindset of a true champion like Michael Jordan?  Are you ready to have the will to work harder than everyone else?  The attitude to soak up the knowledge around you, and the confidence to sink that last second buzzer beater and be the HERO?  Mentality 101 will rewire your mentality to the mind of a Champion.

Component 3: Nutrition 101
($49.95) Would you put low grade gasoline into a Lamborghini Murcielago?  Of course not!  This is your body, do you consider yourself a high performance sports car or grandma’s hand my down sedan? You know the one with the rust and paint chips missing!  With Nutrition 101 we will teach you the methods used by Olympians to fuel your body the proper way!


Component 4: Technique 101
($99.95)Do you know that 95% of athletes do not jump correctly?  Technique 101 will teach you the proper form, which will  boost your vertical up to  6″ alone, Instantly!  No other competitor program available has the elite knowledge, or amount of information Technique 101 brings to you!

Component 5: Pre/Rehabilitation 101
($29.95)Injuries suck, but they do happen…  So we have prepared Pre/Rehabilitation 101 which is only available to you through the Become a Freak V2 System, to make sure yo are back into training ASAP.  (Moderate to Major injuries should always consult a Doctor or Specialist)

Component 6: Essential Areas of Training
($29.95)How would you like to know the three key areas of vertical jump training that are rarely trained?  Catapult your vertical jump in ways that most trainers and athletes have NO CLUE about!  This gives you a HUGE advantage over the competition!



Component 7: Freak Athletic Assessment
($34.95)These are the tests that you need to be doing.  These assessments will let you know your strengths and weaknesses, and whether you need reactive or strength concentration!  This information is crucial to your success as an athlete!

Component 8: Static Stretching 101
($29.97)Flexibility is key in athletic recovery, and performance.  Flexible athletes recover from workouts faster, and flexibility lowers the chances of sports related injuries greatly, and allows you to perform better in sports in general!  Follow the detailed video workouts in Static Stretching 101, and you will stretch your way to success and becoming a FREAK athlete!

Component 9: Dynamic Warm Up
($29.97)The Become a Freak V2 Dynamic Warm Up is considered to be one of the most extensive, and highest quality warm ups ever created.  With the VF2 Dynamic Warm Up, you will guarantee yourself a safe and effective workout!  The Dynamic Warm Up alone has proven to add inches to an athlete’s vertical leap!

Component 10: Become a Freak Workouts
($99.95)The Become a Freak Workouts are simply second to none, scientifically designed using plyometrics, sprints, resistance, bounding, mobility support, core, and conditioning in a system designed to work cohesively for one goal only. For you to Become a Freak!  We guarantee that NO other program will give you the quality of workout that the Become a Freak V2 system  will! All workouts are displayed with a written description and crystal clear video example!

Component 11: WeightLifting101
($99.95)Developing strength and explosiveness is vital to the increase of your vertical jump.  With over 300 workout combinations that will adjust accordingly to your personal strengths and weaknesses, there simply is no other product available that offers the detail, and professionalism that Weightlifting101 provides.  Every weight room exercise assigned to you will be accompanied with a written description, and crystal clear video example.

Component 12: Core 101
($59.95)The core is typically the weakest body part of an athlete, and is the second most important part of the body when it comes to jumping…  We have over 30 core exercises that are written in a professional, easy to follow program.  So your core strength is covered with Become a Freak V2!

And More… Like Ankles, Hands, and Knee Workouts!

And now, you have the opportunity to get the entire 12-component, $587+ package for a one-time, seriously discounted rate of $77.

But that’s Not All!  I have some Bonuses for you if you try Become a Freak V2 Right Now!


Jumping Technique Podcast($19.95)

In this special podcast, Adam explains the Technique 101 section in even greater detail, as he walks you through the Component personally!

10 Top Secret Weightlifting Facts ($24.95)

These Top 10 Secret Facts to getting stronger are Awesome!  When I first heard these facts it blew my mind and the weight room has been my home for over 12 years! Freak Trainer Sim Johal created these tips, and simply hit this Bonus out of the park!

The Core Special Report- Secret Ab Exercise ($9.97)

This special report goes into one of my most used “Secret” exercises that allow me to get to a 50” running vertical leap and develop one of the strongest cores you could ever imagine!  This piece of information is AWESOME!

JUMPUSA Life Time 15% Off Coupon (Priceless)

Just like it sounds!  15% off to JumpUSA.com which has all the training equipment, and jumping/sports products you could ever want!

So tack on another $50 Dollars of Value to your already amazing package of components FREE!  Get the Become a Freak V2Package right now for the insanely low cost of $77.00

But let me quickly warn you…

If you are lazy, or not motivated to put in maximum effort within the Become a Freak V2 System, then it is not for you.  As previously mentioned, this program is not some gimmick, and with that means you will have to work for your results!

I don’t care about the Thousands of athletes that have already become Freaks and are throwing down dunks.  They had to work for it, and if you aren’t willing too then this program is not for you.



but if you are willing to work.. and have the dedication to follow this program word for word.  I can GUARANTEE you mind blowing, high flying results that will leave you in utter amazement!

Regular Price $287 Today $77

“So What Happens If I Try Become a Freak V2 And

It Doesn’t Work For Me?”


I KNOW that Become a Freak V2 is well made, and that the program WORKS– I’ve personally seen hundreds of athletes completely recreate them selves into “Freak” Athletes right before my eyes.

But trust me… at the same time I understand that buying something on the Internet, especially from someone that you don’t know personally might still leave you skeptical and to be honest, I completely understand.

So, to make this pretty awesome offer a 100% safe, and easy investment to make: for anyone who orders Become a Freak V2 from me EVER, I’m going to give them my Iron-Clad, 60-Day Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee*:


This Guarantee officially states that Adam Linkenauger of Freak Athletics llc will allow you 60 Days to Try the”Become A Freak V2 System” and if you are not satisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, you will instantly be refunded every penny*.

So there you have it!  It’s that Simple!  If you don’t get the gains you expected… then you can simple be refunded,no questions asked!  We stand behinf the Become a Freak V2 System as the best vertical jump system in the world, and if it doesn’t yield the results you were expecting then shoot me an email and I’ll get you refunded… no questionnaire to fill out, no hoops to jump through.

This gives you a 100% safe, and enjoyable experience, where you can worry about one thing, and one thing only!  Becoming a Freak Athlete!

Regular Price $287 Today $77


*By purchasing this product, you explicitly agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.