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FREAK Core Stability! The ONLY Core Training Program ONLINE That Trains You To Have A Strong, Explosive Core While Only Using A Basketball For Equipment!


You Will:

  • Get A Stronger, More Explosive Core that will allow you cut faster and be harder to defend
  • Get Incredible “In-Game” Core Stability That Will Help Make You Unguardable and Finish Around The Rim
  • Notice a much faster, stronger, more athletic YOU. So will your teammates, coaches, and defenders
  • Get A Complete Core Workout, AND Never Leave The Gym

You Will NOT:

  • You will NOT Need Access TO A Weightroom
  • You will NOT Need More Than 15 Minutes A Day
  • You Will NOT Find A Workout As Good For Core Strength AND Core Stability Anywhere
  • You Will NOT Be Offered This Program Again!

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