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Let's Talk Weightlifting!

So Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all the cool stuff I’ve been passing your way!  Hope you really take this stuff seriously

because it truly can be a game (and athleticism) changer for you!  We’ve been hitting the “instant inches” technique

stuff over the past couple weeks, so now we are going to take a look at another main aspect to jumping higher!



When it comes to proper weightlifting, you need to understand that becoming a better athlete and jumping higher

is a FULL BODY job, not just a bunch of leg workouts!  I train athletes in a “3 Linked Chain”!


The three linked chain mentality is simple.  Your body is divided into three “equal in importance” chain links!

1. Upper Body

2. Core

3. Lower Body


In order to jump high, and be the best athlete possible, you must concentrate on all of these ares

equally!  You need to make sure the training you are doing is completely nailing these three links

equally!  If you aren’t then you will have a weak link, and remember you are always as “WEAK” as

your “WEAKEST LINK”.  Simple as that!


So how do you know what to do?  Well, you just need to make sure that your upperbody, core, and lowerbody

are evident in your workout structures, in a pretty even and equal rate.


This brings me to today’s Cool Free Gift!  I am going to give you a 1 Week “Freak Training” Template

that will show you exactly how you need to be training to get stronger, faster, and Jump Higher!


This template will show you exactly what I mean, as you will have to cover a Few different lifts, as well

as tomorrow, I’m going to give you an Awesome workout for your core, so you can take your athleticim

to the next level!