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Your Ab Workout is Damaging Your Spine!

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The Core Report Will Show You The Safest AND Most Effective Core Exercises to Help You Become The Freak!


  • Freak Core Report is the first ever instant reaction core training system used for vertical jump training.  This UFC type core training has been proven to be the most effective in vertical jump training compared to any of the old style Core stuff… you know, sit ups, crunches, etc.


  • This system is full, in depth, and allows you to follow it along with your “Edge” workouts for ultimate athletic gains!
  • This system uses Core training in a whole new way.  In fact did you know that conventional core training was actually bad for you and your spine?  Freak Core Report only uses brand new, innovative, SAFE techniques that do not compromise your spinal movements!


One Payment of $9.95



Thanks Guys, but I am not interested, even though this is an amazing deal for the Freak Core Report!