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Congratulations On Your Purchase! Now, Before You Go Train... Please Watch This Short Video For An Incredible One-Time Massive Upgrade Offer:

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Become A Freak Program



Congratulations on your amazing decision to invest in the Become A Freak V2 system!

Because you are serious about your athletic success, I would like to offer you a one-time opportunity to upgrade your Become A Freak V2 order to include a V.I.P. Athletic Assesment directly with me, Powerade Slam Dunk Champion Adam Linkenager.
When you upgrade to the Deluxe edition of Become A Freak V2, I personally will make sure that you are on the fast track to BECOMING A FREAK in record time! On top of the athletic assessment, I am also going to give you access to my personal email address so we can communicate directly with one another and I can coach you like you were “1” of my private clients here in Virginia. I will always be ready to answer your toughest training questions and I promise to personally respond to you in 48 hours or less GUARANTEED. Talk about a great deal right?

But that’s only just the beginning…

When you upgrade to the deluxe edition today, I am also going to give you VIP access to “The Secrets To Freak Success Webinar.”

“The Secrets To Freak Success Webinar” will give you a front row seat to interact with the BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to vertical jump, and sports performance training. But we won’t stop there, we also will be handling all of your toughest nutrition and supplementation questions live on our all-star webinar that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home no matter where you are in the world! Our all-star cast of trainer’s and coaches is exactly what you need to dramatically boost your sports performance and guarantee you are always on the cutting edge of training and light years ahead of your competition.

The Become A Freak V2 Deluxe Edition Upgrade Includes:


Everything from Basic Edition, plus these THREE extremely valuable add-ons:

Athletic Assessment
  • Upgrade Component #1 Personal Athletic Assessment ($247 value) – I will personally send you a questionnaire in which I will find out exactly what your strengths, weaknesses, goals and dreams are, and I will direct you to the perfect workout to accomplish your biggest athletic goals! This means you can have full confidence that every bead of sweat that drips off of your body during your BECOME A FREAK workouts are 100% positioning you for the most success athletically you can possibly gain! Talk about a load off of your back! With your V.I.P. athletic assessment you can be infinitely confident that you are following the perfect blueprint to make all your dreams come true.
Email Consultation
  • Upgrade Component #2 Personal Email Consultations ($97 value) - I am going to give you access to my personal email account that I like to call my “Bat Line” in which only my personal family friends, and elite athletes have access too! I only wish for those closest to me to have this account, and trust me if you are a Become a Freak V2 Deluxe athlete, we are going to be talking with one another so much I may confuse you for my own family… With the personal email consultation upgrade, I am personally going to answer every single question you can think of about the Become a Freak V2 Deluxe Edition as timely as possible! With the “Bat Line” I usually answer within less than 48 hours!
  • Upgrade Component #3 Secrets To Freak Success Webinar ($197 value) – Personal Athletic Assessment ($247 value) In The Secrets To Freak Success Webinar you will get up close in personal with my personal nutritionist who helped me prepare for the Olympics, and achieve a 50+ inch vertical leap, A top-gun strength and conditioning coach who I consider the best in the business , and my personal source for all my strength training needs, as well as myself to break down the finer details of top notch jump training. Our All-Star line of trainers and coaches will blow you away, and is only available when you take advantage of this one-time offer today!

As you can see, the total value of the Deluxe Edition Upgrade is a whopping $500 value. When you add the deluxe edition to the $797 value you receive with Become A Freak V2 Software package you are receiving:

Listen to me:

I truly want you to Become A Freak, and get the exceptional results that you deserve! When you order today you can get the entire Deluxe edition which includes the $797 value from the basic edition, plus the 3 deluxe edition upgrades valued at $500 (which includes: the personal athletic assement, my personal email address, and the all-star webinar).
I am completely serious about helping you achieve your athletic goals, and I am doing all that I can do deliver you the best bang for your buck while still providing you the lowest price possible because I am dedicated to making you BECOME A FREAK anyway I can.
Now that you fully understand where I am coming from, I want you to remember that the Deluxe Edition of Become A Freak V2 is only available when you purchase today and will not be available individually aside from this one-time offer at a later date.

(91% of our most satisfied athletes increased their vertical leap by over 12 inches with the deluxe edition)

Make your athletic dreams a reality today with our Become A Freak V2 Deluxe Edition Now:
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No thanks Adam, the basic edition of Become A Freak V2 is good enough for me. I realize that the Deluxe Edition is only available today as an add-on to my current order and will never be available again, and I am completely confident in my decision to BECOME A FREAK with the basic edition today.
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