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Do You Think That You Can Never Dunk Like This?

Well You Are DAMN Wrong... You Can, And Will... (Read Below)

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If You Honestly Don’t Think You Have What It Takes To Dunk Like MJ… You Are Probably Right…


But If You Do….
Then Use The Massive Discount Below And Let’s Make It Happen…



If you aren’t training to be the best… then why are you training?



Change your mindset from being average, and make something with your game!  You can be

as good as you want… and jump higher than you even thing possible…


You may have made the same mistake I did… I personally thought I was not  genetically blessed with

the ability to go far with sports.. I wasn’t born strong and explosive, high jumping and

powerful…  I honestly just wanted to make my high school team!


I was small, weak, frail, and more or less pathetic honestly….


But then I figured out  a couple things…

1.  You are given ONE LIFE…

Why would you settle for mediocre?

Be Great. I decided my goal was NOT to make the high school team… but to

be the slam dunking star I was destined to be!


2.  I figured out the exact training blueprint to become

a FREAK Athlete…


and accomplish ALL of my athletic goals.


but I can’t stress this enough:


Going From NO ONE To One of The Most

Decorated High School Athletes Ever To Come Out of My State!… Eventually

Winning ACC Championships and National Dunk Contests…


I’m Not writing this as an athlete that got lucky… I’m writing this as a Divison 1

ACC Champion Coach at Virginia Tech (2011)…

If I believe in you… why shouldn’t you?

I’ve seen and made hundreds (if not thousands) of athletes accomplish dreams

they didn’t deem possible… Why can’t you be next?


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