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Congratulations on your Registration to the 2013 OVERHAUL!

We Will Email You With More Details Soon!

  • 6 athletes arrived Thursday night. By Sunday, 2 of them were dunking. As of today, 4 out of those 6 have dunked.
  • Check out Eliyah Ryals throwing down a 2 handed dunk!  His First Ever!

    And El Roc from Stafford Virginia showing off his new found hops with his first one hander ever!


    Every athlete had major flaws in their lifting technique. Squats, Deadlifts, Olympic lifts, Lunges, split squats and all other exercises were being performed in an UNSAFE manner. Bad technique not only increases the chance of injury, but defeats the purpose of strength training in general. Certifieded athletes learn how to protect themselves AND push themselves to reap the benefits of proper strength training.

    Becoming a certified athlete is the quickest, and most affordable way to reach your athletic goals.  You learn more in three days than any program ever created, or ever will be created!  We give you every ounce of knowledge in regards to training, goal setting, lifting weights, jumping higher, nutrition.  All questions are answered, period.


    The July 2013 Certification Information!

    • Who: Any and all athletes who want to learn how to become stronger, leaner, more powerful and more explosive. The Freak Certification will be limited to a maximum of 15 athletes in order to guarantee a hands-on experience those involved.
    • What: A Complete Freak Athletic Overhaul where young athletes work in small groups and individual settings with elite coaches Adam Linkenauger and Ryan Munsey. This is NOT a basketball camp. This is an athleticism certification for serious athletes who truly want to take their game to an elite level, where we will thoroughly cover weight training, nutrition, supplements, speed training, vertical jump training, and championship mentality.
    • Where: Roanoke, VA. Ryan’s brand new gym, House Of Strength will play host to most of the events and is located less than 5 minutes from the host hotel. (Transportation will be provided to and from the hotel)
    • When: July 12-13
    • Why: 99% of athlete we meet are jumping and lifting incorrectly. Read that again. You are jumping and lifting WRONG! Learn proper lifting technique, avoid injury, learn how to get strong, learn the benefits of relative strength and how those traits translate to more power. Learn perfect jump technique from 7x ACC high jump champion Adam Linkenauger, and become a freakishly powerful and explosive athlete. At our last overhaul, 6 athletes could not dunk upon their arrival that Thursday night. 4 of them are now dunking. 1 of those 4 couldn’t even touch the rim that Thursday night!

    We realize the issues with travel, so we have set up a great arrangement at a host hotel…

    • The Airport Hyatt Place
    • Includes FREE shuttle to & from airport
    • Includes FREE shuttle to local mall and restaurants
    • Includes FREE internet
    • Includes FREE hot breakfast
    • $119/night (can be split among athletes)

    To further reduce the cost to you, we can arrange roommate deals with other campers once you choose your Become A Freak Certification weekend.

    We also realize that supervision may be a concern of parents. For that reason, we are including a detailed intenerary so you understand that your athlete will have very little down time during this event. We will provide a chaperon and security gaurd in the hotel and we welcome parents to come along with the athletes if interested. There will be NO ADDITIONAL charge for parents, and they will be welcome to attend any and all portions of the overhaul.

    Thursday (7/11)

    • Arrive by 7PM (Eastern Time)
    • Hotel Check-in
    • 8:00 PM = Arrival/Meet and Greet (at hotel)
    • 10:00 PM = Lights Out

    Friday (7/12)

    • 9:00 AM = Dynamic Warmup and Welcome
    • 10:00 AM = Weight Room Session #1
    • 12:00 PM = Lunch Break
    • 1:00PM = Nutrition Session #1
    • 2:00 PM = Jump Technique #1
    • 3:30 PM = Weight Room Session #2
    • 5:00PM = Agility and Footwork Drills
    • 6:00 PM = Dinner w/ Coaches
    • 8:00 PM = Drop off at Hotel Roanoke
    • 10:00 PM = Lights Out

    Saturday (7/13)

    • 9:00 AM = Dynamic Warmup and Jump Technique #1
    • 10:00 AM = Weight Room Session #1
    • 12:00 PM = Lunch Break
    • 1:00PM = Nutrition Session #2
    • 2:00 PM = Jump Technique #2
    • 3:30 PM = Weight Room Session #2
    • 5:00PM = Athletic Conditioning Do’s & Don’ts
    • 6:00 PM = Dinner w/ Coaches
    • 8:00 PM = Drop off at Hotel Roanoke
    • 10:00 PM = Lights Out

    Sunday (7/14)

    • Wake up and head home



    Here are what the latest Certified Freak Athletes have To Say About The Experience:

    Here’s what Ben had to say:


    “I learned so much that I couldn’t possibly learn from programs…”‘


    First Time dunker explains why the Freak Certification experiences is second to none:

    Young 1 Foot Dunker Gained Massive Inches With Penultimate Drill:

    College Basketball Player and first time dunker gives his thoughts: